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Dry Eye

Causes and Treatments of Dry Eye Syndrome in Yardley

Dry eye is a condition that is marked by insufficient lubricating tears in the eyes. It can cause feelings of scratchiness, irritation, itchiness, redness, and the feeling of a foreign body stuck in the eye. Sometimes, it also results in mucus production in the eyes, light sensitivity, difficulty wearing contacts, and watery eyes. Unfortunately, the type of tears produced by watery eyes are not lubricant, so they don't help with the symptoms of dry eye.

Woman with dry eyes needs to see an eye doctor in Yardley.

What Causes Dry Eye?

There is a noted hereditary component to dry eye, so if others in your family have it, you are at risk of getting it as well. Here are some other causes of dry eye:

  • Age is another factor since tear production often decreases as the years advance. 
  • Autoimmune diseases can also interfere with proper lubrication in the eyes.
  • In some cases, medication causes the eyes to dry up. This is especially true of diuretics and other dehydrating preparations.
  • Tear gland failure and blockage of the ducts leading from these glands is another known reason for dry eye. Age is a risk factor for this situation as well.
  • Staring at computer screens or TVs for prolonged periods causes people to blink less often, and this allows the tear layer to dry out. In this case, there really isn't anything wrong with the eyes in terms of functionality.

Since there are so many possible causes, a doctor of optometry will need to evaluate you before proceeding to recommend a treatment.

What Treatments Are Available?

The first-line treatment for dry eye is lubricating eye drops. These stop the irritation and give you relief from the symptoms. When there is an underlying problem, it will also be addressed. Examples include having you ask your doctor for different medications if the ones you take are causing the problem, suggesting lifestyle changes like taking more-frequent breaks from screen-based activities or adding humidifiers to your home or office. If your tear ducts are blocked or unproductive, we can treat that condition as well.

Contact Us Today for Dry Eyes

To get evaluated and treated for your dry eye, make an appointment with our optometrist here at Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA today. We'll be glad to help you with this issue.

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