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Eye and Vision Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams at Yardley Eye Care

Healthy eyes and proper eye care start with identifying potential problems or concerns. When you visit an eye doctor at Yardley Eye Care, we provide a comprehensive eye exam to identify complications and ensure your eyes remain healthy. By understanding the process, you can feel confident in your vision.

Woman getting an eye exam at Yardley Eye Care.

What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam in our clinic refers to a series of tests and evaluations to check on your eyes. It goes further than a simple vision test and allows a professional eye doctor to determine the risks to your vision.

The key difference between a basic vision test and a comprehensive exam is the factors we evaluate. We look for risk factors related to certain eye conditions that may occur as you age or as a result of any physical ailments you identify in your medical history. By checking for common complications that may occur, you prevent visual changes or you take measures to slow the progression of a condition.

Advantages of the Exam

The advantages of a comprehensive exam from an eye doctor depend on your situation. As a general rule, you want a comprehensive exam every one to two years to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. Common benefits of the exam include:

  • Catching eye conditions at an early stage
  • Treating conditions to slow the progression of visual changes
  • Improving your eye health
  • Preventing conditions when you have a high risk

By getting an exam and checking on your eyes, you avoid long-term complications and obtain proper treatment. It also ensures that your eyes remain healthy and you maintain your vision over time. Since conditions in the eyes stem from a variety of situations and factors, early detection is a key part of preventing vision loss or severe damage to your eyes.

What to Expect from Our Optometrist

When you visit an optometrist in our clinic, we discuss your current vision and any changes you noticed since your last eye exam. We may ask about your medical history or any medical conditions that may contribute to changes in your eyes and vision. For example, we ask about diabetes because it may cause diabetic retinopathy and early detection allows us to address the condition.

After an initial discussion about your current vision, changes to your eyes and your medical history, we give you a vision test. After you read the chart and we determine your ability to see clearly at a distance, we may perform other vision tests to identify concerns with depth perception, side vision or other complications.

Your comprehensive exam may also require an eye doctor to dilate your pupils to see clearly into your eyes. We may also provide tests for the pressure in your eyes and the shape of your cornea. Our tests depend on your eyes and the initial results, so we may suggest more testing when necessary.

Contact Our Local Eye Doctor in Yardley for More Information Today!

A comprehensive exam for your eyes allows you to catch problems early and maintain your vision. To learn more about our treatment options or to set up an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor, contact us at %CLIENT_PHONE% today.

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