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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Solutions At Yardley Eye Care

When you are playing sports, you need your eyes to function at their very best. Unfortunately, wearing contacts or glasses can be a bit problematic during these times if you don't plan ahead. People also tend to forget about the need to protect their eyes when they are playing sports, whether they wear corrective lenses or not. Here at Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA, we want to help people play sports safely and effectively!

boys sitting on soccer bench with vision protectionSports Vision Issues

Some features of corrective lenses that are usually not a problem can be major issues when it comes to sports vision:

  • Decreased peripheral vision for glasses wearers
  • Increased likelihood of losing a contact lens
  • Increased likelihood of breaking your glasses
  • Possibility of injury from your glasses (falling on them, etc.)
  • Getting something stuck in or behind your contact lens
  • Inability to wear glasses or contact lenses in the water

Not everyone knows that wearing contact lenses in the water is a bad idea, but it is. Bacteria and debris in the water can get stuck behind the lens and cause an infection in the eye.

Safety is an issue for people whether they wear corrective lenses or not. Sports with smaller projectiles pose a greater risk of direct eye damage, but it is easy to catch an elbow in the face or poke yourself in the eye with a racquet as well. Proper eye protection can prevent potentially serious issues.

Sports Vision Solutions

Obviously, people still want to play sports despite the potential hazards and logistical difficulties. For this reason, optometry professionals have been inventive and created several choices for people who need a good sports vision solution:

  • Prescription sports goggles
  • Prescription swimming goggles
  • Non-prescription protective eyewear
  • Choices of contacts for sports use

Prescription sports goggles are designed to stay on and not break. They are great for playing most land-based sports. Prescription swimming goggles are designed to allow better vision when in the water. If you have a problem with losing contact lenses while playing sports, our optometry professionals can help you determine if a different type of contacts might be more successful.

Non-prescription protective eyewear can be worn over contact lenses or by people who do not need vision correction. Children, especially, should always wear proper eye protection when playing sports. The ideal form of protective eyewear is determined by the sport you are playing.

Tips for Eye Health

Protect your future vision by following some tips for eye health now:

  • Protect your eyes from UV light
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Get regular eye exams
  • Be active!

Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA Supports Athletes -- Contact Us Today!

Being active is great for the long-term health of your eyes. However, protecting your vision as you do so is also essential. For help with eye care or protective eyewear in Yardley, PA, call us today at (215) 369-3937.

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