Back to School Eye Exams

Back to School Eye Exams in Yardley, PA

Lists of school supplies, ideas for afternoon snacks, and teacher meetings are all on your agenda for the back to school season. However, there is one important appointment you may have overlooked. A back to school eye exam is the best way to ensure your child can see clearly when in school.

From being able to focus on the teacher to reading text in books, your child’s vision is one of the greatest assets they can have for doing well in school. To give your child the best start of a new school year, schedule an eye care check at your Yardley, PA optometrist at Yardley Eye Care. Then check out this information regarding back to school eye exams.

What Age Should My Child Get an Eye Exam?

We recommend getting an eye exam when your infant is six months old. However, for school-aged children you want to bring them in when they start school in kindergarten. This is because of myopia, also known as nearsightedness, begins to develop at age 6. This condition causes blurry vision, which can often be confused with a learning disability, such as ADD or ADHD because the child cannot see well enough and struggles with school.

How Can I Help My Child Have Healthy Vision for the School Year?

Start by bringing them in for an eye exam at Yardley Eye Care. This allows our optometrist to conduct a thorough check of their eye and vision health. If your child does have a change in their vision we can start treatment right away. Also, look for indicators that your child is suffering from a vision problem, such as headaches or holding books too close to their eyes.

If your child plays sports provide them with protective eyewear including UV-blocking sunglasses to protect their eyes. For children using digital screens, recommend they use the 20-20-20 rule by the American Optometric Association, which states for every 20 minutes of screen time look 20 feet in the distance for 20 seconds.

What Will Happen When My Child Gets an Eye Exam?

Our eye doctor will provide a vision test and eye exam. This includes the standard letter chart, as well as a comprehensive eye health screening to look for signs of disorders. We are experienced in working with children and will conduct the eye exam as quickly as possible to accommodate their energetic age.

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