Comprehensive Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Care at Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA

Maintaining decent eye health is crucial to living a happy and functioning life. At Yardley Eye Care, we strive to provide a range of services. This is why we are offering comprehensive care.

Comprehensive Care

For us, comprehensive care includes a range of quality services related to eye care. Those services could be anything from examination to surgery. The more roundly we are able to treat various eye problems, the better we are able to help patients. Whether you have a serious condition or you just want to check in for some preventive care, we are there to provide for you.

Services We Offer

Feel free to ask about any services we might offer. General services are listed below.

  • Eye and vision exams – The best way to check a patient’s state of eye health is by performing an exam. A comprehensive eye examination will identify any unusual signs or complications. A vision exam will test how well the patient is able to see.
  • Contact lens exams and fittings – If a patient opts to wear contact lenses for better vision, a contact lens fitting will determine what kind of lens is needed.
  • Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses – Not everybody likes to wear contact lenses. The eye doctor can prescribe the patient proper eyewear.
  • Surgical co-management – Certain eye conditions can be treated or managed with a surgical procedure. For example, those with astigmatism may qualify as a candidate for LASIK surgery.
  • Treatment for conditions like Computer Vision Syndrome – This modern syndrome is becoming more prevalent among digital screen users.
  • Sports Vision Testing – We understand that athletes need excellent eyesight to perform visual tasks.

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