Fireworks Safety Awareness

Fireworks Safety Awareness at Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA

Fireworks safety is very important. In 2016, 11,000 people sustained injuries from fireworks severe enough to warrant medical care. Eye injuries are frequently tallied among these. At Yardley Eye Care in Yardley, PA, we care about your vision and want to remind you how to use fireworks safely this summer.

Vision Care and Other Safety Tips for Using Fireworks All Year Long

Part of responsible vision care involves being safe in situations that could hurt your eyes. Fireworks are one of the most dangerous things you can encounter during the summer months. Vanderbilt Eye Institute physicians studied the injuries children sustained from bottle rockets. In the study, they discovered most children had vision damage. Of those with vision loss, half had such a severe condition, they were legally blind.

Protect Your Eyesight

Bottle rockets and other fireworks are dangerous for your eyes due to their explosive nature. Many fireworks can send sparks and shrapnel into the air when they go off. This is how people lose their sight when near fireworks. Protect yourself and your eyesight by wearing safety glasses and keeping children away when using fireworks. Even sparklers can burn at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause significant burns. To use fireworks safely, go out to an area away from trees and buildings. Bring along a bucket of water and a first aid kit. When carrying fireworks, never stack them next to each other in your pocket or a container. The jostling can create friction that ignites them.

Fireworks should only be used with adult supervision and adults. All fireworks, even sparklers, can be hazardous for young children. Never light fireworks if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Let someone else do the honors. If the fireworks do not fire, submerge them in water rather than relighting them to avoid accidents. Seek medical attention immediately for serious injuries.

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