The Importance of UV Protection

The summer months invite you to spend time in the sun and exploring outdoor activities. The challenges are maintaining the health of your eyes and preventing complications from UV radiation. By taking measures to protect your eyes, you reduce the risk of complications to your vision.

What is UV Protection?

When an optometrist discusses UV protection, it relates to the measures you take to prevent sun damage to your eyes. We may suggest prescription lenses with UV protective coatings or similar tools to limit sun exposure in your eyes.

Why Consider Sunglasses or Protective Lenses?

You want to wear sunglasses or protective lenses with UV protection as a strategy to prevent certain complications with your vision. Excessive exposure to UV radiation during the summer months or throughout the year increases the risk of damage to your eyes, cataracts or even a loss of vision. We may suggest additional measures to keep your eyes healthy when you have a higher risk of certain conditions or when your eyes are sensitive to light.

While bright light raises concerns about your eye health, a key part of eye care is recognizing the dangers in different conditions. Do not assume that cloudy weather does not require UV protection. You should protect your eyes with proper prescription lenses and UV coatings in every weather condition.

When to Talk to an Eye Doctor

Talking to an eye doctor about your vision and sun protection depends on your situation. As a general rule, you want an eye exam each year to check on the current health of your eyes. We may also recommend more regular visits when you have certain conditions, a risk of eye conditions or for pregnant women. Children and older adults may also benefit from regular visits with an optometrist to prevent damage to the eyes.

Visiting our clinic during the spring and summer months allows us to help you find the right strategies to protect your eyes. We may suggest sunglasses, wearing a hat or similar eye care solutions to prevent damage to the eyes and limit the risks from the sun.

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Protecting your eyes from UV radiation is a key part of maintaining your vision and preventing complications in your eyes. At our clinic, we help you find the right strategies to keep your eyes healthy when you spend time in the sun or engage in outdoor activities. To learn more about protecting your eyes during nice weather conditions or to set up an appointment in our clinic, contact us at (215) 369-3937 today.

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