Toy Safety & Eye Injuries

Children see a lot of action-adventure movies and television shows and they want their toys to help them act out many of the characters, but this also means they will be playing with toys such light sabers, spider web-makers and wands. Many of these toys come with sharp edges and loose pieces; all of which can put your kids at risk of an eye injury. The last thing any parent wants is for their children to get an eye injury, especially when it comes from one of their toys. Choosing the right toys for eye safety is an important concern for all parents, so here are a few tips to ensure your children are playing with age-appropriate, eye safe toys.

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

Before buying your children expensive web-makers or light sabers and other toys that do special effects, make sure that you check the packaging. Most, if not all toys, have a recommended for age included on the packaging, so only buy toys that are the appropriate age limit for your children. Your children’s eyes are vulnerable to injury, especially small children. The size of the toy is also important. If toys are small enough to fit in their mouth, it can also fit into their eye and easily cause eye injuries.

Avoid Hazardous Toys

It is important to buy only toys that are sturdily constructed, so there isn’t a risk of them breaking apart. Also remember to check to make sure there aren’t any toxic paints or finishes that could peel off and land in children’s mouths and/or eyes. Stuffed animals should be washable and not have any small pieces that can be pulled off, such as eyes or buttons. Toys with handles should have rounded handles and be firmly attached to other pieces. Avoid toys with rough and/or sharp edges as well as toys that shoot objects up in the air. Make sure children wear eye safety goggles when playing with toys, such as woodworking or chemistry sets. If you aren’t sure wish goggles provide the best protection, talk with your local optometry center for recommendations.

Educate older children about the safety of playing with toys that may be unsafe for younger siblings. For example, encourage older siblings to play with toys, such as slingshots or toys with sharp edges away from where younger children are playing and make sure toys for older children are kept out of the reach of younger children.  An ounce of prevention can prevent help eye injuries in your children. If you have any concerns about age appropriate toys and eye safety, be sure to talk with your Yardley optometrist.

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